“I’m asked for my email all the time!
It doesn’t matter if I want to read an article, buy a product or play a game, there is hardly anything left on the internet that doesn’t ask me to log on or at least provide my personal email address.”


“With the press of a button, I get a new anonymous email that’s exclusively mine. I can use this email instead of my private one when signing up.”


“Emails sent to my new persona are automatically forwarded to my private mail, unless they come from another sender than the first: I’m protected from spam.”


“I have a central place for all my personas and I can easily unsubscribe from anything I ever subscribed to: Persona automatically sends an unsubscribe email and stops forwarding.”

What does it do?


Persona protects your Digital Identity

The emails that Persona generates are 100% your own, and they are also completely anonymized.

Since that email is also not used anywhere else, it becomes a lot harder for collectors of data to connect your different accounts together and make a profile, protecting your privacy not just where you signed up but across the web.


Persona tells you who shared your data

Each Persona is preset to only forward you emails from where you registered it. When it receives an email from another sender it means that your email was leaked or maybe even sold. You will receive a warning about the leak and get some information about who has your email.

In time, Persona will be able to predict what will happen when you register for certain services and you’ll be better able to decide how much of your digital identity you wish to share with them.


Persona increases your online security

Emails and Passwords are used as credentials to log in almost anywhere. By using the same few email addresses everywhere, it becomes very easy to gain access to many of your accounts once one of them is known.

Why don’t you test your email addresses now at ?
By using a new email for everything your digital identity is much better protected.

How can I get it?

We believe that Digital Dignity should be available to everyone. You can join the early access registration or participate in the current test release.

Early Access

By making a donation of at least €5 you will automatically join the early access group and be amongst the first to test Persona when it comes out.


Alpha Test

We are now in the alpha phase of testing.

Joining is easy: just fill in the email where Persona should forward to, and when we have a spot free, you will receive ten anonymised email addresses. You will also join our tester mailing list, where we keep you informed on our progress and if there are specific things we need help with.

These test emails are not permanent and will be deleted after or during the test phase as part of testing. (so don’t use them for anything super important)