Your Digital Self


Mask your private email in online registrations

Tired of giving out your private email?

There is something going on with our online lives. Other people decide what we see, hear, or read and all this profiling starts with forms like this. Seems very familiar, right?

Before we do almost anything online, we need to register and give out our personal contact details first (and accept conditions none of us read.)

Instead, with the press of a button, get fresh anonymous emails that are exclusively yours. You can use these emails instead of your private one when signing up.
Each Persona is pre-set to only forward you emails from the domain where you first registered it, so on top of everything, we’re adding another layer of spam protection.

Protects your Privacy,
increases your Security
and tells your when your info was
given to someone else sold stolen passed on hacked shared



The emails that Persona generates are 100% your own, and they are also completely anonymized.

Since that email is also not used anywhere else, it becomes a lot harder for collectors of data to connect your different accounts together and make a profile, protecting your privacy not just where you signed up but across the web.


Persona warns you when your email was leaked  and gives you information about who now has your information.

In time, Persona will be able to predict what will happen when you register for certain services and even discover who else has information about you, that you didn’t even know about!


Emails and Passwords are the two credentials we use to log in almost anywhere.

By using a different email everywhere, your accounts gain an additional layer of security that integrates perfectly with your existing password app.

How can I get it?

Join the early release and support the #DigitalDignity movement
After the early release you can choose to extend or to host your own persona server for free!


  • First access when ready
  • One Year Included

Early Access

  • First access when ready
  • One Year Included
  • Immediate Early Access


  • First access when ready
  • One Year Included
  • Immediate Early Access
  • Supporting Digital Dignity
  • Coffee to keep us going!


By supporting Digital Dignity, you are taking a stand against the misuse of personal data and promoting privacy protection. You are helping to promote ethical technology development and responsible use of technology and through this you are making a positive impact on society and help create a more just and equitable digital world for all.

You’ll have access to Persona for a full year after the end of Phase 3, when the product is completed. No need to worry about additional fees or charges during that time. Plus, enjoy additional benefits such as free updates and technical support.

By joining our early release program, you have the opportunity to access Persona before it will become available to the general public. Perfect if you’re eager to try out this new technology or want to be among the first to take control over your Digital Self!

in Early Access, you’ll get to try out our product immediately before anyone else and provide valuable feedback that will help us improve and refine it. Plus, you’ll be part of our Discord community of like-minded individuals who share your interest in tools to improve our #DigitalDignity.

Please be aware that this is an Early Release version of our product, and as such, it may contain bugs or other issues. By using this Early Release version, you acknowledge that the product is still in development and may not be fully tested or stable. Additionally, it is possible that the product may never be completed or may be significantly changed from its current state. While we are committed to providing the best possible experience, we cannot guarantee that all features will work as intended. As an Early Release user, we encourage you to provide feedback and report any issues you encounter to help us improve the product. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us make this product the best it can be.

Our Roadmap

Where are we and where are we going?

Persona is ready for Early Acess! In Early Access you will immediately gain 10 Persona emails that that you can use to sign up anywhere and for anything. We’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences and especially any problems you may face in our Discord channel.

Since we want to be transparent about everything we’re doing, here’s an overview of what we have done and still need to do until we can launch Persona. We have added to the estimated costs in each phase as milestones.

Phase 1: Early Access


We are Here

If you sign up with Early Access you can try it out immediately

"Persona is ready for a larger audience"

In this phase Persona is getting ready to be tried by a larger audience. You can generate anonymous emails and they are forwarded to your private email.
There is no graphic interface (UI) yet, you receive your Personas by email.

We need:      € 30.000
Remaining: € 3.000

Proof of Concept
Beta Product
Beta Testing

Phase 2: App

Expected: Mid 2023

"Persona gains Security and usability​"

Persona gains an easy to use App that allows you to administer your different Emails. You can use different private emails as recipients all data inside Persona is encrypted.

We need:      € 60.000
Remaining: € 55.000

UX/UI Design
App Production
Encryption Engine

Phase 3: Insight

Expected: 2024

"Persona tells you who shared your data​​"

Persona can predict what will happen when you register for certain services and it can retrieve your data from services you never heard about.

“First Access when ready” starts here!

We need:      € 90.000
Remaining: € 90.000

"Insight" AI
Email Verification
Registration Propagation API
Email management

The Digital Self Charter:​

Digital Dignity

“The value of our Digital Identities is far greater
than the money that is being made with them.”

Digital Dignity is the sovereignty over your Digital Identity

To achieve dignity in our online world, we need to achieve these 3 things: InsightSovereignty and a Connection between our Digital Identities.


We need to have a complete overview of what information is available about us, either individually or as part of a group.

We need to know who has that information and what, by right, they can do with it.


We need non-invasive, user friendly tools to manage our fractured Digital Identities.

In many countries we still need a safe legal structure protecting our ownership over our Digital Identities.


As individuals, we grow through our meaningful connections. Allow our Digital Selves to do the same.

Access-rights based connections between Digital Identities will radically improve people’s lives for comfort, sharing, learning, to earn and to contribute to society.

Support #DigitalDignity

Persona is the next step for more online Dignity for all of us.
Register for the early release, support this effort and gain the benefits.

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The next phase of Your Digital Self

Your Digital Profile gave us a unique insight. Yes, we each learned what data Germany’s largest Data Enrichment Company collects about us and about over 70 Million residents, but we learned something else that changed our view on the state of Personal Data globally dramatically.

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